Release 3.6

Major features

  • Forwarding of players has been rewritten. The forwarding of players no longer relayes on the Lecturer page being active and open on the Experimenter side

Launch of new Documentation

June 12th 2018

Release 3.5

May 9th 2018

Release 3.4.5

Jan 18th 2018

Major Features:

  • camera input

  • discrete choice element for lecturers

  • new contract element

Release 3.4.3

Feb 20th 2017

Release 3.4

May 14th 2016

Release 3.3.2

Sept 20th 2015
  • QR-Code is provided automatically for all experiments.

  • The login page was restructured. Prior to selecting the course, the respective institution has to be selected.

Release 3.3.1

April 8th 2015
  • All elements in the editing mode are directly linked to the documentation which provides explanation of the different features.

Release 3.3

Nov 20th 2015