Personal and course data

Personal data

If you click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner (which states your name), you can access your personal data.

Change personal data

There you can change your title, your name and your email address. Please make sure that you always have a valid email address. Otherwise we cannot contact you. You can also change your password here.

Your affiliation is shown in the personal data as well. It cannot be changed. If you want to change your affiliation please email us at


Please keep your personal data up to date. For data protection, have a look at our terms of use.

Password forgotten

If you have forgotten your lecturer password and you cannot login, classEx provides a function to get a new password. At the login screen, select your course and select “experimenter/lecturer” and click on the small text “get a new password” button underneath the login button. You only need to enter your email address with which you are registered with. Then you will get a new password via email.

Course data

If you click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner (which states your name), you can access your course data.

Change course data

Course title

In the course data you can change the title of your course which also appears at the login screen. Course titles can be the name of the lecturer or the title of the course. It should be easily recognizable for participants in order to facilitate their login.


Please make sure that you do not use the same title as another course at your institution.

Participants password

If you want to change the password the participants need to log into your game - for example to pick a password that is easy to remember - you can also do this in the course data. This also works in case the lecturer has forgotten the password he or she picked or has received with the login credentials.


The password is only changed once you logout and login again. Please do not use an empty password as you can not use test participants with an empty password.

Course language

You can also switch the language of the course in the course data. ClassEx provides support for German, English and Spanish. The latter is only available for the participants’ interfaces and the lecture mode. The overview and the editing mode will still be in English in this case.


The course language may differ from the language of the game. If a adequate translation is available, classEx uses the translation. Otherwise it will look for an English version of the game. If this is not available, the game will be displayed in its original language.


If you change the language, changes only apply if you log out and log in again. The same holds true for participants and test participants. Participants are not affected by these changes while a session is running.


The currency can be switched in the course data interface too. Available currencies are Euro, Dollar, Pound, Yen or no currency.

Log out all participants

You can log out all participants by pressing the following button.



This may be necessary if you run to lectures in a row and do not want to have the participants from the first lecture in the second one.

Additional settings

By clicking on “additional settings” you can change two default settings for the participants log in. In the first field you can customize the message participants see, when they are logged in but the game has not started yet. If you leave the field empty the following will be displayed to participants: “You are logged in. The game has not started yet. Please wait.” In the second field you can enter an ID. This will give you the possibility to track participants as they login. If you enter a word in the ID field like “Name”, any participant logging into your game will be displayed the words “please enter Name” followed by a field to enter his answer. It is also possible to create two or more such fields by entering more words in the field in coursedate and seperate them with a “,” like: Name, Studentnumber


You can use this for example to make students enter their studentnumber in order to rate their games and give credits or bonus credits to them for how they performed in the games during the term.

You can display the results in the data section while or after you played a game. You find the data section in your top bar while you are in the game in the lecture mode. If you download the data as an excel file you fill find the column “external ID” with the answers the participants gave when logging in.